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Loved ones latch on to lasting legacies of three homicide victims in KCK

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Family members are remembering three lives lost after they were found dead in their home near Chester Avenue and Boeke Street on Tuesday night.

Loved ones shared the memories they`ll cling to with FOX 4; laughter, love and life lessons are what the three will be remembered for, instead of flashing police lights, a crime scene, and the senseless act that took them.

Police have yet to say what exactly is behind a late night shooting that took the lives of Bernadette Gosserand, Jeremy Rocha, and Vincent Rocha, and left one more victim hospitalized. However, no reason will be fitting for those who loved these three.

“I haven`t met one person that disliked my dad,” said Josh Wing, son of Vincent Rocha, and brother of Jeremy.

"Senseless. My nephew too. Didn`t even get to see him that day. He was out having a good time the day before,” said David Rocha, brother of Vincent and uncle to Jeremy.

The tragedy behind their loss isn`t the final chapter for David Rocha, and Josh Wing; instead they're looking ahead to the legacies they leave behind starting with Vincent`s kindness.

“He treated every stranger like a friend that he knew for 10 years,” said Josh Wing.

Vincent’s sense of humor was fondly recalled.

“He would make you laugh, and that`s kind of what he would try to live by and that`s the way he always thought life should be lived,” said Wing.

Also remembered are Vincent’s life lessons: “He also thought if you can learn something new every day it was good day. If you laugh that day it was an even better day,” said Wing.

They`ll also remember Bernadette for her supportiveness and charisma, a GoFundMe account has been set up to assist with her funeral.

David Rocha's uncle says he was a joyful, good kid and was working to improve his life.

Josh Wing adds that his father loved his grandkids very much. There were three kids found inside the home unharmed. Police have a suspect in custody, but he hasn`t been formally charged yet.