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Olathe rescue group run by volunteers looking for homes for more than 80 puppies rescued from Texas

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OLATHE, Kan. -- More than 80 dogs are looking for loving homes after they were rescued from a shelter in south Texas.

Members of Pawsitive Tails rented a van, drove 18 hours to the shelter, loaded up as many dogs as they could, and drove them back to Olathe.

The owners of Hair of the Dog in Olathe volunteered their store and supplies to wash every puppy.

"They were covered in fleas," Pawsitive Tails co-founder Crystal Tucker said. "They were white but they looked mostly black because they had so many fleas and that just really tugged at our hearts."

They will now be spayed, neutered and vaccinated and then sent out to foster homes before they are adopted.

They say seeing dogs in such horrible condition tugs at their hearts and inspires them to help.

"Some have medical needs, some are newborn babies," Tucker said. "We unfortunately lost five babies on the way back. They just weren't able to survive. They were too new and the stress of living in a shelter is too great sometimes for them to overcome."

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, you can click here to see pictures and apply for adoption.