Gunfire outside Blue Springs home as neighbor draws gun to stop burglary suspects

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- What was likely supposed to be a quiet burglary at a home near Third Street and Sherwood in Blue Springs on Thursday, turned into much more.

Police say three young men broke into the home, ransacked it and stole two guns, including an AK-47 long rifle and a handgun. A get-away driver waited outside in a gold car, police say.

According to neighbors, the man who lives next door heard a gunshot inside his neighbor's house, so he grabbed his own gun and confronted the burglars.

"'Cause he saw two of the burglars running down the street this way so he was firing shots at them, 'cause he had heard a shot inside the house.... and then another one was running down the street this way," said one neighbor.

The neighbor says he saw one of the suspected burglars running down the street, looking behind him.

"And I knew something was strange because he kept looking behind him," he said. "And a guy started yelling, 'Robbery! Robbery!'

Witnesses saw one of the suspects jump into a gold car, which was found later in Grain Valley near Highway 40 and Main Street. Police arrested two suspects near the scene of the burglary and the one they suspect was the get-away driver reportedly turned himself in after police talked to his parents and called him on the phone. The fourth suspect had not been located as of Thursday evening.

After the suspects got away, two neighbors went inside the home, fearing the homeowner had been shot or injured, but the man who lives in the house was at work.

"People work hard for what they got and other people don't ant to work and they think they can go in and take whatever they want and that's bad, that's really sad," said the neighbor.

Because of the gunfire and escaped suspects three schools in the Blue Springs School District chose to lock down to ensure student and staff safety. The lockdown was lifted at Lucy Franklin Elementary, James Lewis Elementary and Brittany Hill Middle School after three of the four suspects were found.


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