Stuck in a rain storm after an accident near UMKC, woman says other drivers kept speeding by

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro woman is pleading to the community to always stop and help your neighbors if you pass an accident.

Katy Lineberry said she was hit by another car while heading to pick up her oldest son up from school -- leaving her and her 2-year-old son stuck in a busy intersection while everyone continued on their way.

The accident happened at the five-way intersection of Volker/Rockhill/Cherry, at the north end of the UMKC campus.

Lineberry said her car spun through this intersection and stopped. She said her car stalled out after the accident, and it wasn't until she got out and waved her hands in the air and honked her horn that someone finally pulled over to help.

"I was coming just south here on Rockhill, and when I got to this intersection, as I went through it, I was suddenly hit from behind. I didn`t know at the time, I just heard a loud boom sound, followed by my car spinning, and then airbags coming out, then my car stopped," Lineberry said.

It was around 2:15 Wednesday afternoon when the heavy rain came through the metro, Katy Lineberry said she was going through a green light when she was hit.

"I expected everyone to stop around me, and once I processed what was going on, I realized life was continuing on normally around me, people were obeying the traffic signal and passing left, right, in front of, all around the car," added Lineberry.

She called 911 but couldn`t get through right away. She was waiting a few minutes as cars whizzed past.

"I was going back and forth between trying to figure out if my son was okay, if I should take him out of the carseat, or if I should get out of the car...if that would be too dangerous," Lineberry added, "He was screaming, mommy, mommy, car, loud, mommy, scared...I decided to get out and started waving my hands, hoping someone would stop, honking the horn as well."

Finally two good Samaritans stopped to help.

"One called my husband, one called my sons school, and offered for me to come sit in her car because it was still raining a little bit, so I was really thankful for them," said Lineberry, "It made a huge difference in my day, it calmed me down, helped me know that I wasn`t alone."

The other driver did stop, but since no witnesses came forward, it's difficult to make her case with insurance.

"I got hit, and yet the other driver is not admitting blame, so if I had another person or two that could tell us exactly what happened that would be really helpful," she said.

Lineberry's car is totaled, and it was her family's only car -- so currently they have a rental. They will need a new car and car seat.

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