Garth Brooks gives fan gift that strummed heartstrings, moved many to tears

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When Garth Books announced that he would perform seven shows in Kansas City, fans of the country singer knew there would be magical moments within those shows, but many never imagined one of those moments would move the singer and the whole crowd to tears.

FOX 4's Rob Collins was in the audience during Brooks' sixth show in Kansas City Friday night when there was a special moment of "people loving people" that filled the Sprint Center with emotion.

Tara Pernice from Springfield, Mo., thought she'd made a connection with a friend in high places when Brooks came over and handed her his guitar. But, then she realized the guitar was meant for the man with Downs Syndrome next to her, whom she just met.

That man was Nick Bailey from Sedalia, Mo.

"I've never felt so touched in my whole life," she said.

Their heart warming moment, caught on the video board, grabbed the attention of everyone inside Sprint Center including Brooks. The country legend was brought to tears by Pernice's compassion of handing the guitar to Bailey and his emotional reaction.

Brooks finished singing "The Dance," addressed the pure joy etched on both of their faces, then sauntered toward Pernice with another guitar -- this one, meant for her.

"Absolutely amazing, I never in a million years would have dreamed of this so it was awesome," Pernice said.

Indeed, a pair of six strings delivered, thousands of heartstrings pulled.

"I'm so glad I got to spend that night with everybody, it was just so heartwarming, I've never felt so touched in my entire life," Pernice added.