Grooming for a better future: Local non-profit empowers single parent families with job opportunities, life lessons

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local non-profit is grooming dogs to end the cycle of poverty for single parent families.

The Grooming Project at 58th and Troost has a program called Empowering the Parent to Empower the Child or EPEC.

They focus on providing financial stability to help lift single parent families out of poverty and into more stable lifestyles.

EPEC's mission statement is, “Empowering families to become self-reliant through job training, life skills and practical solutions to end their cycle of poverty.”

The program believes that the empowered child of today is the successful parent of tomorrow.

The ultimate vision of EPEC is to lift the child out of the welfare cycle, but to accomplish that, they must first address obstacles in the parent's life, beginning with barriers to employment.

EPEC's first vocational instruction program, The Grooming Project, teaches the trade of dog grooming.  By pairing job training with life skill courses, the organization provides a comprehensive approach to breaking the cycle of poverty.

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