Mom of fallen tow truck driver disheartened to see another life lost during accident on metro highway

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A mother whose son was killed while working as a tow truck driver in 2012 is speaking to FOX 4 following a fatal accident over the weekend that killed a woman and injured a tow truck driver. Amy Gresham, the mother of Blake Gresham, said she is saddened to see yet another tow truck driver nearly killed on the job.

“This guy could have been killed too, thank God he wasn’t,” said Amy Gresham.

The mother said hearing about the accident brought up memories from when her son was killed.

“I just don’t know why these people cannot get it through their head that they have got to slow down and move over whenever they see anybody on the side of the road,” she told FOX 4.

The mother of the man who was injured in Saturday’s accident said her son is still recovery and has road rash.

“It takes 10 seconds, I mean slow down and move over, that’s all that any of us that are in this kind of work want done,” Gresham told FOX 4.

Blake’s family started a non-profit called “Move Over for Blake.” The organization raises money to put up billboards to remind people to slow down and move over for tow truck drivers and emergency responders. They said they would like to do something for the man who was injured over the weekend but are still figuring out what it will be.

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