Jackson Co. deputy shoots man in leg after struggle; suspect flees, crashes into ambulance

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A Jackson County deputy shot a man Thursday who struggled with him and then fled, then crashed into an ambulance and was arrested and taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg.

The deputy was patrolling the Little Blue Trace County Park because of recent vehicle break-ins and thefts. The park is about two miles northwest of Fort Osage High School near 24-Highway and Twyman Road.

The suspect fled for about eight miles in a minivan to RD Mize Road and Little Blue Parkway, where he crashed into an ambulance.

“One of our deputies stopped a suspicious vehicle in one of the county parks that we’ve been having thefts from autos from. Shortly thereafter a struggled ensued between the deputy and the suspect. The suspect broke away, some shots were fired, the suspect got away, a short pursuit from the county park just down the road here from this intersection where the suspect vehicle struck an ambulance. The suspect was taken into custody and is suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg. The deputy is also at the hospital with unknown injuries right now,” said Sgt. John Payne Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

He believes only the crew was in the ambulance.

A female and child, three to five years old, were with the suspect. They believe they know who the woman is.

“They fled from the original scene down in the county park. That’s who we’re looking for right now,” he said.

They were not involved in the crash. Grandview’s canine unit also came in to assist in finding the woman and child.

Around noon they picked up their scent near the Misty River Equestrian Center.

Independence is assisting Jackson County with the incident.

Sgt. Payne said he can’t say for sure the suspect in this case is the suspect in the recent car breakins, but he did say that’s why the deputy was in the area.

Police say the suspect vehicle crashed into an ambulance.