Blue Valley High School takes new-age approach to traditional yearbook

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- The Blue Valley High School yearbook staff has created a one-of-a kind yearbook that's receiving lots of attention.

This year's yearbook is going digital; you can use an app to see bonus videos that go along with the pictures.

“Our yearbook this year is lot more photo heavy and design heavy, as opposed to having more wordy stories,” Alex Roberts, the co-editor-in-chief for the yearbook, told FOX 4.

Times have certainly changed. Instead of words and pictures -- the co-editors in chief for the yearbook at Blue Valley High School are using technology to give their yearbook that extra something.

“We were able to incorporate more peoples voices as we made videos that go along with some of the pictures,” added Roberts.

This year they did a thermal cover - a picture that wraps around the whole book shows up when you apply heat to it.

“Because our theme is 'Be Heard', we wanted to be able to show as many people as possible,” Roberts said.

They use the soundwave on certain pictures and pages -- and if you hold your phone over it -- an app helps jog your memory from videos over the past year.

“Throughout the yearbook, we have the little soundwave on some of the pictures, and if you download the app, and you scan that picture that has a soundwave on it, it will pull up a video that goes along with the topic of the spread,” Roberts described.

The students say it's a way to show more of what`s going on throughout the year, and highlight extra events.

“And just incorporate stuff that even happens after we send the book in, like graduation, we have videos for that now,” said Roberts, “It`s about doing something different, each year we try to make the book our own, and each year differs from the previous one, and it will differ from the next year, so it`s really just about finding new ways to put a new, creative spin on the book.”

The students say the feedback on this yearbook has been incredible.