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Celebrating his personality and charitable spirit, friends remember Kansas City bar owner found dead

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Within the small memorial outside of Coach's Bar and Grill for Mike Darby, there is a $2 bill. A sight that is not unusual to those that knew him best.

"If Mike owed you money, you were paid in $2 bills. And when you turned around and paid in $2 bills they’d say ‘oh, Darby owed you money didn’t he?’" Chris Muehlback, a childhood friend and business partner, said.

"Anytime you open up your wallet and see a $2 bill you would always automatically think of him. You would have not gotten it anywhere else," Keith Steiniger, a long time friend of Darby's, said.

Steiniger served on the board of the Tour de Hope, one of the many charities Darby helped support.

"He would say 'I think we can do this. I think we can put on a ride for local charity, I think we can do it better than everybody else.' And he did," Steiniger said.

Steiniger said Darby dedicated his life's work to helping anyone who needed it.

"He would never say no. He was always the first one to step up and say how can we do this? How can we help you?" he said.

"I was his best friend, you were his best friend, everyone was his best friend because that’s the way he made you feel every time you met him," Muehlback said.

Muehlback said Darby's death leaves a large hole in the Kansas City community.

"I don’t think anyone realizes how far reaching he had and how far reaching it was, all the different groups that he had and how he was the glue to those groups," he said.

"I don’t think there is a single person that could understand it because he did so many different things with so many different people." Steiniger said, "You only knew what you were touched by."

But they'll smile remembering how Darby left his mark in big and small ways.

"He is as unique as a $2 bill," Steiniger said.

Darby will be laid to rest in Overland Park on Monday at 9:30 AM.