#FeatureFriday: Fun facts you didn’t know about Dhomonique Ricks and John Holt

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Each Friday during the month of May a different anchor pair will be featured as part of #FeatureFriday. Not only will the pair share a few fun facts about their lives outside of FOX 4, they’ll also be taking over the FOX 4 Instagram account and taking you behind the scenes of FOX 4 on Facebook live.

Fun facts about John Holt

John Holt at his son’s wedding. Jack (now a Capt. in the Army) married Emily Boresow. Also in the picture is his wife Suzy and daughter Katie. (August 2013 at Nativity Parish Leawood)

  • While my dad was a student at the University of Kansas Medical School, my mom was a nurse at St. Mary’s. across the state line in Kansas City, Mo. I was born at St. Mary’s, which is now the site of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

    John with his dad, daughter and son.

  • I grew up in Great Bend, Kan., where I began my “broadcasting career” by hosting a Thursday night high school radio program on 1590 KVGB. The station’s general manager liked my voice, so he hired me as a part time on-air announcer, deejay and news reader.

    John at a walk for prostate cancer survivors.

  • Prior to working for the local radio station, I spent two summers cutting hay and driving a wheat truck during harvest for an area farmer. I realized quickly farm life was not for me, though I worked harder than I ever have and it was an amazing experience.

    John Holt with the Nigro Brothers/Sisters Servants of Mary Gala.

  • I really wanted to be a sportscaster, and do play-by-play. I would do announcing at backyard games, and did some basketball games at the local junior college while working for the college radio station as part of a Boy Scout Explorer Post. I wasn’t very good!

    John Holt having fun with fans before the World Series parade.

  • During the summer between my 2L and 3L years of law school, I clerked for a Washington, DC law firm that specialized in communications law. I also practiced briefly after I graduated with an Overland Park firm while working at WIBW-TV in Topeka. I’m licensed in Kansas (inactive status). I wasn’t very good at law either!

    John Holt and the FOX 4 crew at Citi Field during the 2015 World Series.

  • I’m an extrovert. No really! Say hello if you see me out and about!

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Fun facts about Dhomonique Ricks

Dhom joined the FOX 4 family in early January.

  • Dhom is a former Miss Southwest Virginia USA titleholder

    Dhom is a former USA pageant title holder.

  • Dhom is a nationally certified fitness instructor and taught classes for 10 years

    Dhom loves to stay active.

  • Dhom is a former competitive individual and synchronized figure skater
  • Dhom used to have a really “harsh” Minnesoooooota accent (where she’s from)

    Dhom as a little girl decked in Disney apparel.

  • Dhom is a huge plant eater and only eats meat about once a month!
  • Dhom is getting ready to celebrate her one year wedding anniversary on June 4th to her gorgeous husband. Dhom got married at the Atlantis in the Bahamas with 50 closest friends and family

    Dhom and her husband.

  • Dhom cannot physically wink!
  • Dhom is super homeopathic and lives a very holistic life
  • Dhom has a major obsession (and we mean MAJOR obsession) with Christmas
  • Dhom has never had braces or anything to cosmetically alter her teeth!
  • Favorite Foods: KALE (Love kale), chocolate, organic pressed juices, French fries
  • Dhom’s great uncle is a former US Senator (Roland Burris)
  • Dhom is severely allergic to cats!
  • Dhom cannot fall asleep, unless she has socks on – even in the summer! Weird, I know!
  • Dhom is super goofy and loves to laugh and smile

    Dhom on the beach at her wedding in June.

  • Dhom’s favorite thing to wear – yoga pants!
  • Where you’re most likely to spot Dhom: Any organic juice bar, or health food store, River Market, Plaza, oh, and Andy’s Frozen Custard! (that’s her guilty pleasure!)

    Dhom and her husband.

  • Dhom’s favorite book: The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale
  • Most embarrassing moment on TV – when a MASSIVE booger flew out of her nose on live TV and landed on the desk. Oops!

    Dhom with her bridesmaids at her wedding.

  • Biggest lesson in life: Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself! People want to see the real you!

    Dhom as a baby and her older brother nearby.


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Photographer Don Proctor and I practicing our #chi. @dhomonique

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Lunch date with our lovely assignment editor, Karra! #Nara @dhomonique

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