17 people dead after duck boat sinks at Table Rock Lake

Northland areas near lakes clean up after getting brunt of thunderstorm damage

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thursday night's storms brought power outages and downed trees to parts of the Northland, mainly areas near the lakes. FOX 4's Megan Dillard scouted out the worst damage and caught up with a tree cleanup service in Weatherby Lake and Lake Waukomis.

Ron Hill and his Hilltop Tree Service team know Friday would be busy following the overnight storms.

"It just started with the phone ringing off the hook with trees down and trees from the storm and wind," he said.

He and his crews worked to clean up the damage left in the wake of a decades-old tree that destroyed the back porch area of a Lake Waukomis home. He said the worst-hit areas were in the Northland.

"Pretty much around the lake areas it seemed like, Lake Waukomis here, Weatherby Lake," Hill said.

They also spent much of their day about 15 minutes up the road at Weatherby Lake where repeat customer Daniel Berglund was awakened by the wind and rain.

"These guys are great. They work with the community. They’re out here every single storm," Berglund said.

His family lost a huge tree out front he said predated his 1970s home.

"My first reaction was I’m not surprised. It’s a big three-pronged tree and just crushed the cable lines in front of the house, took out everything," said Berglund.

As more rain and storms moved in Friday afternoon, the homeowner hoped crews would take an ax to the chance of any more damage.

"Please get the tree down as fast as possible. I don’t need another one," Berglund said.