Raytown police searching for suspect who stole ATM from Minit Mart near 350-Highway and Westridge

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Raytown police need your help finding a man they say stole an ATM Thursday night.

Officers say the suspect broke into the Minit Mart at 350-Highway and Westridge Road around 11:30 p.m. and snatched the machine loaded with cash in under five minutes.

The store's burglar alarms sounded, but the suspect escaped before police arrived.

Surveillance video shows a man wearing a gray hoodie breaking into the store minutes after the clerk left for the night.

He pulled the door off its hinges, wrapped a chain around the ATM and used his truck to pull it out of the store.

The man lifted the ATM by himself into the back of his blue truck and took off.

Clerks say it weighed at least 200 pounds.

Because the burglar was in and out so fast, they believe he's done this before.

If you have any information about the case call the TIPS Hotline at 474-TIPS.