Family of driver upset after van falls into hole in road without proper warning signs

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Crews responded to a report of a vehicle in a large hole in Northeast Kansas City on Saturday.

Brooke Givens with the KCMO Water Department told FOX 4 a call came in after 11 a.m. regarding a van in a large hole on a small roadway in a neighborhood near Morrell and Bales.

The hole was already there, but a spokesperson for the KCMO Water Department (which handles 311 calls on weekends) said there was some kind of sewer repair going on there, but said that because the road was a small alley way, they were unable to get a crane to place a steel plate, however at the time when FOX 4 News crews arrived, a steel plate had been placed there, along with caution signs.

Givens said KCMO Water Department employees went to the scene to help.

The family of the driver said he was shaken up, but okay. Betty Aguilar, the driver's cousin, told FOX 4 there were signs around, but they had been blown away. She said there was just some wood over the hole.

There was just like a little wood, but that wasn't going to stop anything from going through there," Aguilar said. "But that's the city's fault; they should have put something more secure."

The driver's family said they had to use a ladder to get him out of the hole, and said they were upset that not enough was done to prevent this from happening.

"He was coming to visit and he didn't see signs or anything," Aguilar said. "He passed by and he passed through the front and then through the back and the wheels just went back and he went down under."

Aguilar said she's grateful her cousin wasn't seriously injured.

"The car fell backwards and in a way, it's better, because if he would have fell forward, it would be a lot worse."

A van fell into a large hole in Northeast Kansas City on Saturday. Photos submitted by a witness.

A van fell into a large hole in Northeast Kansas City on Saturday. Photos submitted by a witness.