Accounts differ about what led to shooting that left greeter injured at Kansas City church

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There are conflicting accounts of who had been the aggressor in the shooting at House of Refuge Family Worship center Sunday. While there’s disagreement about what happened, both sides say they want the truth to come out.

The Monday evening calm outside the church was in stark contrast to what police say happened inside the day before.

“It really is an excellent church and everything despite what went down,” said Tiesha Gentry.

Shots were fired, and a bullet grazed a greeter, who says he jumped to safety from a closet window, but what was the shooting about? Who fired those shots? Police have not named a suspect, nor has anyone been charged.

UPDATE: Police on Tuesday charged 29-year-old Orlando L. Gentry in the case. Click here for the latest information.

Family members of a man who was seen being put into the back of a police car say officers were taking him to the police department so he could give a statement. However, several church members claim he’s the shooter.

His sisters say he wasn’t the one firing shots, and that he was the one being attacked.

“It was like five or six other guys standing behind the pastor, and they was like 'we can do this now, what y'all trying to do?'”said Myesha Gentry.

She believes the men had been planning to attack her brother, and says a man ripped her shirt and almost hit her in the melee. She says soon after bullets flew in her brother’s direction.

The man’s other sister, Tiesha Gentry, says it all started with a disagreement about her brother wanting to leave the church.

“My family, he’s like, we’re trying to get so involved and everything and we ask y’all to send us a church van and stuff and y’all don’t never do it. He was just explaining the things that he don’t agree with in the church,” said Tiesha Gentry.

Other witnesses say the man had shown up trying to get money from the church, and became hostile when he was sent away empty handed.

FOX 4 briefly heard by phone from the pastor of the church who says it was improper to comment on specifics, because of the police investigation.
FOX 4 reached out to Kansas City police for an update, and were told there’s nothing further being released as of Monday night.