Bring your Pinterest board to life with tips from Encore Unique Boutique

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With just a few simple steps and materials you can bring your Pinterest board to life, according to Tamara Hudson with Encore Unique Boutique. In the video above she demonstrates how to make four DIY crafts that will make your porch a more eye-friendly place this summer.

Hanging Belt Shelves

(materials for one shelf)

2 leather belts OR Leather straps
Wood for shelf
Screws 2 to 4 per shelf
Ruler / Tape Measure
Exacto Knife
Nails 4 to 6 per shelf

  • Buckle the 2 belts so they are the same length
  • Hook them around the end of the board
  • Hammer through the belt to the wood on the underneath side
  • Drill a hole about 1.5 inches from the top of the belt when pulled taught
  • Secure to the wall screws

Hanging Table / Shelf

Mod Podge
Drill Bit

  • Decoupage map to inside of tray let dry
  • Measure and Drill 4 holes in each corner of tray
  • Measure and cut 4 pieces of rope LONGER than you need for your space
  • Fish rope through each hole an tie a knot on the underneath side
  • Gather the 4 ends of rope together and tie in one big knot making sure your shelf is hanging evenly
  • Hang from hook

Modern House Numbers with succulents

Tray or Shallow crate
Hot Glue gun & glue sticks
U Pins
Industrial Strength Glue
Succulent picks

  • Glue styrofoam to inside of crate
  • Use glue & Upins to attach moss covering foam
  • Glue house numbers onto moss
  • Add succulents if desired