Gerso quickly finds his stride with Sporting KC

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Sporting KC's new right winger is not only new to Major League Soccer, he's new to the United States.

"I thought that it would be more difficult to get used to playing here, but no. It's really easy. It's been very, very good for me."

Gerso, a 26-year-old native of Guinea-Bissau, spent his first six professional seasons playing in Portugal.

"I came to help scoring and be more strong in attacking," Gerso said.

Sporting KC manager Peter Vermes saw something in him.

"He's been again showing glimpses of what he can do. He has great service in the box. He can eliminate players one v. one, robably one of our best guys who can do that. His speed stretches a defense," Vermes said.

Gerso put on a show last week. He scored three goals in a sensational 13-minute span. And he celebrated each one with his signature swing and a huge smile.

He said he's acclimated to his new club and his new home faster than he expected. He's been quickly making new friends and hitting up the local establishments. His favorite place?

"Cheesecake Factory. I really love that place. They have really good food, and the cheesecake is the best in the world," Gerso smiled.