More sightings of live and roadkill armadillo

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Texas, Hill Country Near Hunt, (Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler /LightRocket via Getty Images)

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Residents in the Lawrence area are reporting more armadillo sightings, an occurrence that nature officials say could be due to the state’s recent mild winters.

Marty Birrell is the nature education supervisor for the Prairie Park Nature Center. Birrell tells the Lawrence Journal-World that the center is seeing two to three reports of armadillos weekly in and around the Lawrence area.

The armor-plated mammal has a history of hitchhiking northbound trucks from the country’s southeast region, where it’s typically found. But Birrell says milder winters in recent years may mean more of those armadillos survive to live and potentially breed in Lawrence.

The National Wildlife Federation says the animal’s range has been expanding northward for more than a century, and climate warming will continue expanding its potential range.

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