Overland Park man walks in medical center happy, healthy with words of gratitude for first responders who saved his life

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- It's an emotional afternoon Monday for an Overland Park man who met the first responders who saved his life.

Gary Wilson walked into Overland Park Regional Medical Center near 105th and Quivira Road happy and healthy -- a different story from last month when he realized he was having a heart attack.

As part of the "Great Save" event, Wilson had the opportunity to meet the team that saved his life including paramedics and doctors.

In April dispatchers answered a call from Wilson's daughter who said he was experiencing shoulder and arm pain. Paramedics arrived in minutes.

The twist -- Wilson is a training chief for the Overland Park Fire Department. He not only works with but helped train the paramedics who responded.

Doctors placed a stent and Wilson was released from the hospital a day later.

He says he's thankful for everyone who helped.

"I probably would not have called as soon as possible if I had not been at home and my wife insisted that I go," Wilson said. "Somebody made the comment you listen to your wife. Yes, 38 years of marriage and you listen to your wife and usually do most of the things there."

"I see this from a whole other side than most citizens," Wilson added. "I see Jeff Stevens and Mark Wolf, I see these guys train all the time. I understand the commitment that we make, not only at Overland Park Fire and Med Act, but we're making through the entire county."

Wilson says it's really important to make the call if you notice something is wrong because he made the call so quickly -- he was able to avoid serious damage to his heart.