Students pitch in at a Kansas City elementary school to help clear classmate’s library fines

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some children in South Kansas City have come through for a classmate in a wonderful display of generosity and caring.

The kind act happened at Center Elementary School in the Center School District. A few students in the fifth grade class had missing books and other items at the library.

To take care of those -- they participated in the school's fine forgiveness program by bringing in cleaning supplies for the library and school. All of the missing items were located -- so the students donated their cleaning supplies to apply to a classmate's account.

They were still a bit short -- so other students in their class contributed to handle the rest of the $1.95 to get the fines cleared.

"I would have waived the fine but I'm a little bit interested in how the class would handle it. And they got together as a team and found one dollar and 95 cents in mostly pennies in the classroom and brought it down to the library," Erin Sharp, Center School District Elementary Librarian, said.

The district librarian says she borrowed the idea for the school's fine forgiveness program from the Mid-Continent Public Library System. Mid-Continent clears fines in exchange for patrons bringing in food for people in need.