Employees at KC North Chuck E Cheese say man exposed himself

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City North man already facing possession and weapons charges after he was arrested in Clay County in November, is now accused of exposing himself at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

John Kingsbury, 54, is now charged in Platte County with sexual misconduct in the first degree and possession of a controlled substance.

Police say it occurred on Wednesday, May 17 at the Chuck E. Cheese at  9196 N. Skyview Ave. Employees say they saw Kingsbury expose his genitals in front of the restaurant and then flee.

One of the witnesses said he saw Kingsbury with his hands in his pockets and his genitals hanging out of his beige cargo shorts. By the time the employee told the manager and the manager went out to the parking lot, the man was gone.

However, witnesses say that about an hour later, Kingsbury was back in the restaurant ‘staring at people’, according to their statements.

Once police arrived and located Kingsbury, they asked him for permission to search his pockets. They found white powder, which tested positive for cocaine.

Kingsbury reportedly told them he had snorted cocaine and went to walk on a trail. He reportedly told them he was also on antipsychotic medication and couldn’t remember how his genitals had been exposed.

He adamantly denied intentionally exposing himself.

John Kingsbury from Nov. 2016 arrest in Clay County

In November 2016, Kingsbury was charged in Clay County with unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance. According to the probable cause statement connected to those charges, he was parked Monday, Nov. 28th at Northgate Middle School when someone observed he had a gun case inside his open trunk.

The person called authorities, who questioned Kingsbury. A Clay County deputy says Kingsbury agreed to let him search the car and recover the locked gun case in the trunk. Kingsbury reportedly told the deputy where to get the gun case keys and the deputy opened the case to find the firearms with loaded magazines in the magazine wells. However, there were no cartridges in the chambers of any of the firearms.

When authorities searched the car further, they found a bag of meth inside his car under the floor mat.

Bond for the most recent charges was set at $10,000.