Microblading expert details what actually happens during the procedure, cost and how long it lasts

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MARTIN CITY, Mo. -- Women and men go to great lengths to get their eyebrows looking just right.

From tweezing to waxing or even tattooing, it can be both time-consuming and expensive.

FOX 4's Nicole DiAntonio visited "Let's Face It" in Martin City to take a look at a procedure called microblading and how it works.

The owner says she started offering microblading three and a half years ago. Now it is the number one procedure customers ask for.

"The popularity with microblading is because it is a solid," owner Tina Burch said. "A lot of people call a solid powdered eyebrow, like drawing it on with a magic marker. So the microblading you were actually drawing on one hair at a time. It looks more natural."

So how does it work?

FOX 4 joined Janel Bowen for her first time trying microblading.

"My eyebrows are really, really light so just seeing the transformation of people when they come in and when they leave it is pretty cool," Bown said. "It is dramatic."

Looking at the before and after pictures you can see the difference.

Microblading before and after

Instead of a traditional tattoo needle, this is done by hand. The needle makes tiny slices in the skin, then fill it with pigmentation.

The procedure can take up to two hours to complete as the technician paints on the hairs, one by one making it look more natural.

The owner of Let's Face It says the popularity of microblading has caused all eyebrow permanent makeup to skyrocket.

The procedure can cost you between $500 to $700.

Microblading is not formally regulated by the FDA, instead by the state. Before getting the procedure, make sure the technician has a strong background.