Collapsed ceiling pours insulation, mold into Raytown home, creating ‘toxic mess’

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RAYTOWN, Mo. --The storms and rain this spring have caused damage to homes across the metro, including the house where Montoyia Walker and her three children live.

The ceiling in Walker’s bedroom has collapsed, bringing insulation and mold with it, infecting her home and making her children sick.She has been to the emergency room twice in the last few months because her children are having asthmatic reactions to the mold.

It started out as a small problem and because the man who owned the home, Jeff Woods with Premier Leasing, ignored it, Walker has a moldy, toxic mess on her hands.

March 7, after the tornadoes hit parts of the metro, Walker noticed a large number of shingles from her roof laying in her yard, so she texted Woods about the roof damage. He replied, “thanks”.

The roof was not repaired.

April 15, Walker got no response from Woods when she texted him saying that the ceiling in her bedroom was leaking.

April 29, Walker again texted Woods about brown and black water leaking from the ceiling on to her bed. This time Woods responded, saying that there was nothing he could do in the rain and to put a bucket under the water for now.

What Woods failed to tell Walker is that he sold the house that day, and she hasn't heard from him since. Walker has filed a Landlord Tenant Complaint against Woods with the city of Raytown.

"I feel like he took advantage of me a lot," said Walker as she stood bewildered in her bedroom. “I feel like he knew this was happening and knew this was a problem, but he still moved me in, took my deposit money and wanted rent every month and sold the property."

FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien reached Jeff Woods on the phone and he said he was not aware of any issue and to contact the new owner of the home, Main Street Renewal, then hung up. O’Brien made another effort to talk to Woods, by going to his Lee’s Summit home, which ironically is getting a new roof.

No one answered the door at Woods’ home.

FOX 4 also reached out to the new home owner Main Street Renewal, a company based in Austin, Texas. An executive with the company said a contractor will be at Walker’s house Saturday to fix the problem and issued the following statement:

“Main Street Renewal purchased this home on 4/28/17 and upon verification that the home was occupied and that repairs were needed, we created a work order to resolve the issues that were made aware to us on 5/2/17. We have attempted to obtain access to the home since 5/4/17 to assess and resolve the issues, but those attempts were unsuccessful. Main Street Renewal prides itself on caring for our residents and is committed to resolving the issues identified by Ms. Walker as well as any other issues identified in our habitability inspection upon access to the home.

Additionally, as follow up to our quick chat a second ago, after speaking with Ms. Walker personally to understand the situation and get her availability, I was able to speak with our contractor and they are working to line up someone to be on site tomorrow. I am awaiting confirmation and will follow up with Ms. Walker personally once I have heard back.

Tom Cosgrove
Senior Vice President of Operations, Property Management"

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