#FeatureFriday: Fun facts you didn’t know about Karli Ritter and Nick Vasos

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Each Friday during the month of May two FOX 4 personalities will be featured as part of #FeatureFriday. Not only will the pair share a few fun facts about their lives outside of FOX 4, they’ll also be taking over the FOX 4 Instagram account and taking you behind the scenes of FOX 4 on Facebook live.

Fun facts about Karli Ritter

Karli on the NASCAR Fox Sports set doing weather before the race at the Kansas Speedway.

  • I’ve wanted to be a meteorologist since 4th grade
  • I’ve got one younger sister who I fought with a lot of the time growing up but am best friends with now

    Kali and her sister.

  • I had braces three times, yes, three times!!!

    Karli’s favorite thing to eat as long as it is fresh!

  • Cheese could be my sixth food group, I love all kinds of cheese!
  • I co-founded Heroes for Hospice, a non-profit who gives back to Hospice
  • I’ve got a goal to visit all 50 states. I don’t count driving or flying through. I have visited all but twelve. Left on my list to visit: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.

    Chris and Karli in Tuscany, Italy. One of the few countries They’ve visited. They’ve also gone to Antigua, the Bahamas and Ireland.

  • During college I was a runner for lobbyists at the state capitol in Tallahassee, FL. I also worked as a delivery girl at my father’s pharmacy, “Ritter’s Towne Pharmacy” in DeLand, Fla.

    Ritter’s Towne Pharmacy

  • My two favorite games to play with my family: Yahtzee & LCR dice game
  • I love to ski every winter while wearing a hot pink onesie

    Karli loves to ski in her hot pink onesie.

  • I love fishing, but in order to go fishing growing up I had to learn to back a trailer down the ramp and clean fish.

    The biggest Mahi Karli has caught to date!

  • I’ve broken my nose three times, all in middle school. I was (and still am) extremely clumsy.

    Karli fishing for Mahi dolphin in Hawaii

  • I’ve run three full marathon and too many half marathons to count. I once ran 12 half marathons in 12 months. I also won a 5K, the second one I ever ran, in college. The back story to why I won: The FSU track team took a wrong turn on the wooded part of the course. I was so far behind them I didn’t see them turn and followed the markers on the course. I was running to the finish line with everyone cheering me on, I thought they were being kind. They were cheering because I was the first one to finish. HAH! So now I can claim that I was faster than the FSU track team for one race. ;)

    Chris and Karli in the Abacos, Bahamas. Her happy place.

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Fun facts about Nick Vasos

Nick’s wife, Wendy, and son, Gus.

  • In late May of 1977 Star Wars released into theaters. Later that summer I watched it about 30 consecutive times at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City, Iowa.

    Nick really loves Star Wars

  • My Uncle Dave got me started collecting movie posters. Still in my parents basement. Oddly, today I don’t go see enough movies.
  • Early childhood hero. Evil Knievel. I remember neighborhood competitions of jumping side walk squares on our bikes.
  • I was a yell-leader in High School.

    Nick in third grade.

  • I’m a KC native.
  • I prefer even numbers. From setting an alarm to getting gas it must be an even number.
  • I grill almost every night. I cook dinner for my family. Kabobs, steaks, chicken, salmon, asparagus and chops.
  • I enjoy yard work.
  • My wife claims to make the best poached eggs. (I agree)

    His wife’s poached eggs.

  • Have been the play-by-play voice for the Kansas City Comets for 20 years! That’s indoor soccer. They were more popular than the NBA team we had at the time in the 1980s.

    Nick inside the booth at a Comets game.

  • My favorite BBQ is Q39.

    Nick loves Q39.

  • Every day before the Noon Newscast I get a hug from “Paxi” (Floor Director) Crystal.

    Nick and FOX 4 floor director, Paxi.

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