Joe’s Weather Blog: Lazy summer pattern this weekend (FRI-6/2)

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Good afternoon…as expected a little warmer and a bit more humid today as June is starting to feel like June, at least during the afternoon. The morning though was pretty pleasant for a few hours and that will be the case over the next few days as well. Temperatures will warm up farther this weekend as the pools start warming as as well which will put a smile on those who don’t like the colder pool waters. The rain chances are pretty minimal but aside from maybe something random, no organized storms are expected in the area for quite some time.


Tonight: Clearing out and pleasant with lows in the lows

This weekend: Sunny mornings with clouds in the afternoon. There may be a speckle here and there on radar after 2PM or so, but nothing very widespread is expected. Highs well into the 80s. Not a lot of wind either…mostly southerly at 5-15 MPH.


All of a sudden there isn’t a lot to talk about in our local world of weather. Temperatures are slowly warming up as well and that trend continues this weekend. So lots of 80s are likely and maybe somebody out there creeps towards 90° over the weekend.

With this type of set-up…there will be some showers/storms trying to bubble up in the afternoon hours…where they may develop is anybodies guess at this point, so while I can’t totally promise nothing on radar…what does form looks to be insignificant mostly.

There will be a front that will move through the area sometime early Monday. There may be a 10-20% chance that we could see a pinch more convection from that later Sunday evening or early Monday…but don’t hold your breath for that. IF it were to happen the odds may favor 36 highway and northwards towards the IA border.

It still appears slightly cooler but very pleasant weather will move into the area TUE>THU or so…and this may be somewhat more noticeable during the late nights and early mornings as the dew points should be on the pleasant side of things allowing temperatures to cool down nicely. TUE>WED at least look very comfortable. Of course dry air heats up more efficiently that moist air does…so while the dew points will be low…highs should still be around 80°…which is about average for early June.

Notice how the surface wind flow changes between Saturday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon…this is courtesy of

Now notice Tuesday…

See how the winds switch and come towards us from the NE and east. That will help drive some drier air into the region early next week…and somewhat cooler air to boot. With sunshine though (especially late spring sun angle sun) it will warm things up nicely during the afternoon but temperatures will cool down nicely at night too!

Meanwhile in other weather news…

Hey…California is bigger now than a few weeks ago started…

There is a road there…can you see it? That’s US 1 the Pacific Coast Highway…one of the best drives you can go on!

Meanwhile in FL…they really could use some rain…

Notice that over the last 6 months…it has been really dry in central FL in particular.

That whitish-blueish contouring is roughly 4-8″ of rain…in 6 months(!)

The good news is that it is starting to get wetter there…here is radar from central FL.

and over the next week or so…some areas may see well over 4″ of rain…it’s coming into their rainy season too.

Meanwhile look a the satellite picture towards the western part of the country…

Notice the white area from near the Lake Tahoe area and southwards through the Sierra Nevada…that is snow on the mountain tops…and there is still a LOT of snow up there at the highest elevations…

By using the scale on the right side there is still some 150+” of snow on the ground up in some mountain areas. I choose the biggest I could find…Slide Canyon area, CA…the data pointed to almost 80″ of water still locked in that snow to be melted up there…pretty interesting! In think it’s in the north part of Yosemite National Park.

Here is a live webcam view from Yosemite this afternoon. You can see some of the snow remaining way up there!

So that’s it for the day…and maybe for the weekend. I’ll see but I have a rule not to waste your valuable time IF there is nothing compelling for me to write about…and I’m not sure I’ll be able to think about anything over the weekend…

Our feature photo comes from Taner Neighbors…notice the rainbow on the left side of the picture!


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