Kansas City parents plea for help in son’s unsolved murder going on two years without arrest

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- It's been nearly two years since a young Kansas City man was shot to death while holding his young cousin on his lap. The case is still unsolved and that's why family members of Devin Flemons held a fund raising event on Monday night.

"Devin was amazing, funny, loving and smart. Every day is painful without him," said Natasha Flemons.

"It's a day to day struggle you know because I'm used to hearing my son's voice," said Donell Flemons.

On July 20, 2015 the Kansas City parents say their 19-year-old son, Devin Flemons, left work with a friend at an area Pizza Hut and then Devin arrived at his cousin's home near East 34th and Indiana Street.

"In less than five minutes somebody just walked onto the porch, sprayed the house with at least nine bullets and then took off. It was so horrible. My son was just sitting in the living room, holding his little cousin when he was shot and killed," said Natasha Flemons.

When the barrage of bullets flew through the living room window, Devin was holding his 1-year-old cousin at the time.

The child wasn't hurt, however, a bullet grazed her mom on her leg.

Nearly two years later, Devin's murder is still unsolved and his parents believe their son's killer is still walking the streets of Kansas City. Relatives believe the young man was murdered as the result of a fight over a girl.

"Most definitely and they're probably still committing homicides. From what I understand right now there's just not enough evidence to prosecute, so we need someone to come forward with a murder weapon. We need a witness or something so this person can be held accountable for what he did to our son," said a frustrated Natasha Flemons.

Monday night Devin's parents and other relatives gathered at a Pizza Ranch in Independence to make more people award of their loved one's unsolved murder and to raise more money for a reward fund.

"It's just sad that money has to be the motivation, but sometimes that's what hit takes," says Donell Brown.

Monday night the family raised five hundred dollars to be added to the three thousand already waiting for someone to receive the Devin Flemons Reward Fund.

If you'd like to donate just call the Ad Hoc Community Hotline at (816) 753-1111.

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