Raytown schools offering free swim lessons to second graders

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Raytown schools are offering free swimming lessons to second graders this summer.

RAYTOWN, Mo. — Summer is here and that means pools are packed. This week Raytown School District is making an effort locally to prevent drownings by helping kids learn to swim.

They will begin to offer swim lessons for kindergarten through fifth grade students. Every single second grader in the district is eligible to receive free swimming lessons at Raytown Schools Wellness Center along 350-Highway.

In the class, kids will learn how to tread water, basic swimming strokes, and how to feel comfortable around the water.

The CDC reported more than 3,500 drownings in the country, from 2004 to 2014. That is nearly one drowning per day. One in five of those deaths were for children 14 and younger.

Those are the statistics Raytown School District wants lowered with this swimming class. A number of water safety organization will teach swim lessons.

This month Kansas City Parks and Rec Department will offer free swim lessons to beginners.