Kansas City apartment residents fed up with constant violence creating dangerous living environment

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police say on Tuesday night that someone shot two men at Blue Valley Court Townhomes and then sped off.

Both victims are still in the hospital in critical condition as police search for the gunman and a motive. People living there say they're fed up with the gun violence that has some tenants living in fear.

Two moms FOX 4 talked to say that apartment complex has become a common place for gun violence, and they worry about their children's safety. However, one dad paints a different picture.

Kristien Garrett tries to enjoy a fun time with her daughter just outside their apartment, but the mom says it's difficult.

"I barely let my children go down to the end of the sidewalk that's how afraid I am," she said.

Garrett says during the last three years she and her family have lived at the apartment complex.

"Even the playground is very unsafe," the mom said.

The place they call home has become unsafe due to increased gun violence.

"The first year we were here we heard gunshots almost every night. I always have to have my children duck down," Garrett said.

Just a few doors down another mom talk about what fear of violence caused her to do.

"I feel like I am because I have sent my kids away for the summer," Andrea Williams said. "Bullets don't have eyes. It can hit my window and hit a kid in here, and that's the scariest thing."

Not so for Reginald Jackson and his family.

"I don't know what they've seen around here, but like I say, we feel very safe," he said.

The night after police say two men were shot at the apartment complex the two moms say they'd like to see more police officers patrolling the area, and better lighting at the complex. They concede that moving may be their safest move.

The apartment complex's manager wouldn't comment on the tenants' concerns.


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