Midtown couple seeks prized vintage Pontiac given to them as a wedding gift that was stolen

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A single phone call to Josh and Valerie Dubois managed to ruin the final day of a family vacation.

"I was visiting family in New Mexico to help my niece make some money on a lemonade stand, and our last day there before we were going to travel back, we were notified by the person who we rent our garage from that our vehicle was missing," Valerie said.

Josh said their custom 1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM was stolen from their Midtown home on Tuesday. But what the thieves didn't know was the Firebird is more than just a car.

"It’s not just metal and rubber and stuff, it’s actually a real symbol of the relationship that my wife had with her father growing up," Josh said.

"He is actually the one who built my husband and I the car for a wedding gift. It was the car I dreamed about when I was a kid," Valerie said.

"We use to go to American Muscle Car shows and I described it in detail, and when he found out that I was engaged he found a junker version and said it’s a compilation of 17 different cars put together to fit my dream mobile," Valerie said.

The loss of their dream car hit hard. Josh said the thieves bypassed multiple layers of security in order to get the car from the garage. However, he said the support they received on social media has helped.

"We did feel pretty helpless because we were out of town. My mom is over there handling everything with the police. We just weren’t able to do anything and we went to social media as our only outlet for reaching out for help," he said.

And they hope that support leads to the return of their prized ride.

"I mean at this point I wouldn’t even press charges, I just want my car back. It just means a lot to us. It’s not about money. It means so much more than that," Valerie said.

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