Neighbors stunned by triple murder at Gregory & Monroe

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Multiple gunshots awakened neighbors on a quiet east side block early Wednesday. Police say when they arrived at a home near Gregory Boulevard and Monroe Avenue, they found three men shot to death inside a car.

The shootings happened just before 1 a.m.

The victims have yet to be officially identified by police, but those in the neighborhood told FOX 4 two were brothers, and one was an aspiring rap artist.

One neighbor says he saw a man in a white tee shirt and dreadlocks walk through his yard and set off his motion detector lights at around midnight. The neighbor says he went out to put his car in the garage because he suspected trouble. He watched the man stand and talk to the victims, who were all seated in a black BMW.

The neighbor says the man never entered the car in the 45 minutes he stood watch outside. But once he went back in his house, that's when gunfire rang out.

Some say too many aspiring artists are becoming victims of violence because of the rap culture.

"A lot of performers are putting themselves out there to be seduced to that type of violence," said Bishop Lamon Harris of the Eternal Life Family Center. "Because of what they say in their songs, how they portray themselves to be who they are, they are not about that life."

Unfortunately many neighbors accept shootings as a fact of life. Though three deaths may be unusual they say it's not uncommon to hear gunshots in the area. And some say they do carry firearms for their own protection.

There is also concern about gang activity, with some neighbors suspecting a possible connection.

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