Boy with juvenile diabetes walking across US to raise money for research

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If you think your summer vacation will be difficult, you might want to consider what the Barnes family is doing.

Eleven-year-old Noah and his dad are walking across the United States, from Key West to the Pacific Ocean.

"The most miserable part," said Noah, "was that cold, wet, cloudy day when water just kept raining on us, and I was freezing."

Noah was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was a toddler. Now, almost 10 years after first learning he has the lifelong condition, he's raising money for research, one step at a time.

"As a father," said Robert, Noah's father, "you can't be any prouder. You know, he's 11. He has no concept on what he's doing for engaging the diabetes community and pulling this all together. Yeah, I can't be any prouder."

Most of his donations come from people he passes along the road. To date, he's raised $15,000.

FOX 4 caught up with Noah, his siblings John and Angela, his parents, and his dog in Overland Park Sunday. And their Jeep Wrangler.

"We live out of a Jeep Wrangler.," said Robert. "Three kids, two parents, and a dog. So everything we own for the next five months has to fit in the wrangler."

Noah has a slightly different take. "It's kind of funny and kind of miserable at the same time," he said.

It helps that Noah and his siblings are home schooled, so they get their education on the road.

"I would go to the Katy Trail before Disneyland," said Robert. "The history on it is amazing, the Lewis and Clark expedition and the Westward Expansion. One of the easiest homeschool weeks we've had. "

The family plans to check out Kansas City and its sights while still logging 20 or so miles a day. Noah's improved his distance: he can walk 25 miles a day now. He used to make it 10.