Kansas Board of Regents to vote on whether to increase college tuition costs

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Sending kids to college in the state of Kansas may cost a little more this year.

The Kansas Board of Regents is voting on a tuition increase Thursday.

If the board approves increases for all six state universities across the sunflower state, the higher rates will go into effect his fall.

But, it wont be as much as last time. Those increases were about 5 percent. These increases about half that.

Kansas State University - 3% increase
Emporia State University - 2.8% increase
Pittsburg State University - 2.7% increase
Fort Hays State - 2.6% increase
University of Kansas -2.6% increase
Wichita State - 2.5% increase

So depending on the school, you're looking at $50 to $250 more per semester. Each of the schools is asking the state for money to combat a budget shortfall.

As you can see, K-State is proposing the highest, which has resulted in mixed reaction on campus for students in Manhattan. Some students are cool with the cost if it helps keeps faculty, while others are just tired of paying more.

"If it actually translated to teachers that could teach the material well, knew what they were doing, and did a good job of it, then I'd feel okay with it," student Harrison Schmidt said.

"I'm an international student so my tuition is like out of state," Bruna Abdo said. "We have a lot of fees to pay too. Passport fees, visa fees, and that's so much money."


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