Volleyball community center in Wyandotte County home to a budding ‘Dynasty’

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- During the second week of June when it's 85 degrees outside, a hot junior high school gym might be the last place to find a group of junior high school girls, but FOX 4 Sports did, and it's because they love to play and win at volleyball.

Dynasty Volleyball is a club group, and they train and practice at a facility on the southern edge of Wyandotte County. It's made of 25 teams, 15 of which will travel to the USA Volleyball nationals in Minneapolis later this month.

Fifteen teams mean more than 150 girls and 150 families, highlighted by the Dynasty 12-Black team, which won a national championship last summer.

In the video, FOX 4's Al Wallace shows how they're trying to win another, and that they come from all over the metro.

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