Family feels justice isn’t being served in deadly Cass County crash where suspect is only charged with DWI

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CASS COUNTY, Mo. -- Jeffrey B. Young has been charged with felony DWI after an accident in September of 2016 that killed a 21-year-old Cleveland, Mo woman.

Missouri State Highway Patrol investigators say that Shelby Admire pulled out in front of Young’s truck at the intersection of Missouri Route O and Missouri Route W. In that spot now stands a memorial where Shelby’s younger sister Sydney and her family built.

“We had a really close bond and I really did look up to her, and I still do,” said Sydney of her big sister.

Shelby graduated from college, was working at her first job and her boyfriend was about to propose marriage. All of those life milestones were taken away in an instant.

“Everything that we had planned together, won't be, I won't be able to do it anymore,” said Admire. “I was looking forward to being in the wedding, I was looking forward to being an aunt to her kids."

Her grief is made worse because Young has been charged with felony DWI, but not no charges have been filed connected to the death of Shelby Admire. Young is classified as a persistent offender, because he has multiple DWI convictions in the past.

"It is extremely frustrating and it makes me feel like our case isn't important,” said Admire. “And a human life is so fragile, and she was so successful, and now her life is gone because of the actions of another person."

Missouri State Highway Patrol investigators say Young was not speeding and Shelby pulled out into the path of Young's truck. Accident reconstruction investigators believe the accident was unavoidable, even if Young had been sober.

"Even if she did do that, he could have had a different reaction if he had not been drinking and driving," said Admire.

So now her family is not only missing their loved one, they say they are missing out on the justice they believe Shelby Admire deserves.