Kansas City man charged with manslaughter for allegedly causing crash that killed mom, injured daughter

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On Friday Prosecutors charged a 21-year-old Kansas City man with involuntary manslaughter related to a deadly January crash that killed a mother. In addition to manslaughter, Juan L. Sanchez is accused of assault, tampering with evidence, leaving the scene of an accident and armed criminal action.

Sanchez is accused of causing a crash on January 15 after getting into an altercation with victim Shaymaa Saudi's husband.

Surveillance video from business El Torito shows Saudi's husband, Abbas al Hashemi, out of the car, arguing with another man. Witnesses reported that Sanchez also threatened and tried to stab him with a pitchfork.

"The first thing he said getting out of the car, he said he would kill someone tonight," Hashemi told FOX 4 in February.

"Never seen the guy before. Never had problem with anybody in the area and we were just driving and he stopped there blocking the street. I tried to pass him. As he was like getting to the side of the street and then he started maneuvering, trying like to block me. I stopped and I honked the horn for him. He backed up on me and then he got out and started fighting. I told him that 'I got a family with me. I have family with me. Don't need to do any of that. Just get in your truck and leave,' and he wouldn't leave," Hashemi said.

The husband then said he told his wife to leave with their 5-year-old daughter because the driver of the truck was trying to run him down.

Court documents say Sanchez was driving a pickup truck and began chasing Saudi as she tried to drive away. Sanchez allegedly hit her Dodge Charger and caused her to lose control before she struck a utility pole at St. John and Askew. Prosecutors allege that Sanchez sped away from the scene, parked the truck and took the license plates off, and then covered it with a tarp. Saudi died in the crash, her daughter was hospitalized with cuts and scratches.

On January 18 Sanchez gave a voluntary report to police to describe his side of the story. He said he was being followed too closely, and stopped, telling the other driver: "Hey man you keep following me, I'm gonna let you have it!" He said he got the pitchfork because he feared Hashemi was getting a gun. He said he eventually put the pitchfork in the back of his truck, and Hashemi grabbed it and broke a window as he tried to drive away, and then broke the other window after Sanchez made a u-turn.

He then stated: "Hell no this dude broke both my ****** windows, hell no, they're not going to get away with it."

He said he didn't see Hashemi in the street, assumed he got back in the car and gave chase, he claimed he wanted to get their license plate number. He said as the two cars were speeding down St. John, he caught up and rear-ended the Charger after Saudi hit the brakes. After she lost control and hit the utility pole, he said he kept driving and eventually lost sight of the Charger.

He said he took the truck to his mom's house and parked, later returning to take the plates and cover the truck with the tarp. When asked about his motive for that, he said: "Just cause."

Prosecutors requested a $100,000 bond for Sanchez, who has a warrant out for his arrest.