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Strong winds and rain rip through Northland, wreak havoc on trees

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Strong winds Thursday night wreaked havoc in the Northland.

The neighborhood near 67th and Overland Drive was hit pretty hard, and from what witnesses tell FOX 4 it took only a matter of minutes.

There were lots of trees knocked down and some were even uprooted.

One family had to deal with power lines knocked down in their yard by a falling tree, which of course shut power down and left residents without electricity.

FOX 4 spoke with one family who said it sounded like a train was steaming through the neighborhood.

"We heard a real loud bang, a lot of wind coming through. I got my girls out of the bed and came down to look outside," Christian Kincheloe said.

"Everybody was a little scared, the kids were scared, we were headed down towards the basement but it was over before we could get down to the basement," Jay Dupuy said.