Competitive cheer squad in Lenexa fueled to reach greater heights on heels of success at ‘Worlds Competition’

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LENEXA, Kan. -- There is no offseason for competitive cheer squads, especially at KC Cheer as one of the gym's elite teams, Fierce 5, continues to work to defend and improve on a bronze globe won at the Worlds Competition in May.

"For me, this foundation that has been fighting for this goal since we’ve going to Worlds in 2006, they were all there as well. It was a very emotional thing for all of us and extremely rewarding, Michael Whitney, owner of KC Cheer and Fierce 5 head coach, said.

"It’s not just about the team that was on that floor at that competition. It’s been countless number of athletes, working in, working out. It’s years of just progressing to what this gym and what this team is today," Jake Elliot, a Fierce 5 member, said.

For Ashleigh Whitney, who has been on Fierce 5 for seven years, the globe represents years of hard work.

"Since the first year I was on the team no one really knew who we were, so it’s cool to see the team make a name for ourselves in the cheerleading industry and become more like a big name team," Whitney said.

It's a team that now has the hardware to prove they are one of the best.

"I think it just shows that we can run with the big dogs. We aren’t just running with the big dogs, we are one of the big dogs now and it just brings so much more to the gym," Elliot said.

And they are even taking on new members to ensure that the gym's future is even brighter.

"We really want to have a world title and be the first to have a world title in Kansas since we were the first globe in Kansas. That was really cool. Once you’re on Fierce 5 that’s the mindset ‘we’re not going to Worlds just to go to Worlds. We are going to Worlds to do well and be in the top three and eventually win,'" Whitney said.