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92-year-old woman and her daughter still without power after weekend storms

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City Power & Light says it has restored power to more than 99 percent of their customers who lost power during last weekend's storms, but there are still about 1,000 customers going on to day three with no power.

One of those customers is a 92-year-old woman and her daughter, still waiting.

"It was just a lot of water coming down, lightening, stuff like that. We've had bad storms, but this one was different," said Wanda Williams, who lives with her 92-year-old mother on the east side of Kansas City.

"It was really bad. The water was coming down really fast," Williams recalled. She said the storms knocked her power out Saturday night.

"Half the house has power, and the other half doesn't," Williams explained. "Usually the storms are bad, but we still have the lights, and I don't know what the problem is."

She said luckily the air conditioning came back on Sunday afternoon because it would be difficult to go this long without it in this heat.

"So I'm grateful for what I do have," Williams said. But the house remains dark, and without food.

"The ice box is not on, so I had to move my food and let a neighbor keep the food in their freezer," Williams said. "I was planning on cooking because I bought groceries, so basically I've been going out more to eat."

Williams said KCP&L came out today to work on her power, but is remaining in good spirits even on day three.

"You make do with what you have and you weather the storm," she added.

She said she's thankful for KCP&L for their service, and for calling in more people to help people like herself.

A spokesman for KCP&L said they expect to have all storm-related outages restored by the end of the day.

Including their out-of-state assistance, they have 119 crews working on storm restoration out in the field Tuesday.