Crews begin $1.6 million project to preserve Union Station

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Union Station is about to undergo a major facelift.

Over the next year, workers will be cleaning and fixing up the outside of this 100-year old historical building.

It's all a part of a $1.6 million preservation project.

It's been more than 20 years since the outside facade was cleaned and in that time, a lot of mold and algae has formed on the limestone.

Workers will not only clean the stone, they will also put in new grout to prevent water from seeping inside and destroying the building.

Since Union Station is a nonprofit, the money used to pay for this comes from parking and ticket fees.

"When you look at Union Station, it is on the forefront of our town," Union Station CEO George Guastello said. "It's as a statement to the world when you light it up, the Royals or the Chiefs, it is the place, so it is vitally important that Union Station stay as pristine and as preserved as possible for the next 100 years."

They plan to clean the back and sides of Union Station first and then move all the scaffolding out front to complete this project next spring.

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