Director of nonprofit accused of defrauding homeowners with fake eviction notices speaks out

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KANSAS CITY, Kan -- A nonprofit that claims to help the poor become homeowners is being sued by the Wyandotte County District Attorney for doing just the opposite.

In a FOX 4 follow up, the Director of The Truman Road Corridor Association, David Biersmith is firing back. He admits he made mistakes but says he was just trying to help people stay in their homes.

"I came down here for you to understand what we do and all the good work that we do," Biersmith told FOX 4 reporter Shannon O’Brien

Biersmith said his nonprofit sells donated homes to people who would not otherwise qualify for home ownership, but the civil lawsuit alleges Biersmith and his  Truman Road Corridor Association tried to kick people out of properties his organization didn't even own, and tried to collect rent on properties that didn't belong to Biermith or his nonprofit.

Biersmith insists he owns the homes although there is no legal record of that.

He is also accused of threatening homeowners, several of whom received a letter from Biersmith stating he was foreclosing on their property. When that didn't work, Biersmith admits to posting these eviction notices threatening arrest that appear to be from the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Department, instead of going through the proper channels.

"Then you have to go through Wyandotte County Court and get a judge.  We do it all the time, it takes months and moths to do it," said Biersmith. When questioned about the fake eviction notices, Biersmith said,”  "I don't think it is fake at all. It is exactly the case. It is what we were trying to do the get the attention of the tenants."

It is something the Wyandotte County District Attorney calls deceptive acts, violating the Kansas Consumer Protection Act.

"Okay, it's a mistake then," said Biersmith. "We apologize for that and we apologize to all of those people. None of them ever came forward anyway, so it didn't seem to matter too much because they didn't come forward in the letters, and they certainly didn't come forward with this. We didn't do anything anyway. We didn't have the power to do anything."

District Attorney Mark A. Dupree is asking the court to make Biersmith pay those he attempted to defraud, and ban him from conducting business in the state of Kansas.

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