Kansas City man accused of taking nude pictures of child while victim’s mom was at work

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Federal authorities filed charges against a man deemed a family friend, who prosecutors say took advantage of a 7-year old girl. Dennis Everette, 44, is accused of offering the child gum so she'd agree to take nude photos and videos while her mom was at work.

Everette is in federal custody, and prosecutors say he was caught when the victim's 15-year-old sister asked to borrow his phone and saw the disturbing photos of her little sister. Everette went to a friend's house to take her children milk, according to court documents, outlining what prosecutors say happened that led to production of child pornography charges against him.

While the 7-year-old victim's mom was at work, investigators say Everette offered the girl a surprise if she would take some pictures. He told the child to take her clothes off and how to pose for the photos. Included in the evidence outlined in the court documents is a video of the 7-year-old, and in the background Everette can be heard telling the child to "move it up and down" referring to her naked backside.

"We have so much emphasis on stranger danger, but a lot of times it is a family friend, a counselor, a coach, someone the child is very familiar with," Gina Shibel told FOX 4.

Shibel is a child and family therapist at the Children's Center, and she says she sees this type of abuse far too often where an adult commits a sex crime against a child, and the child goes with it because they trust that adult.

Shibel says the best way to protect your children is to tell them from an early age about good touch, bad touch and confusing touch.

"It is really important that they know all of the correct names of their body parts, that they know that there are certain body parts that are off-limits. It is those body parts that are covered by a bathing suit and those are parts that they don't have to share with anyone," Shibel explained.

Children are usually taught not to say "no" to their parents or adults, but in this case, children need to be empowered to say "no" when they feel like someone is doing something inappropriate.