As a week passes with no sign of missing Overland Park man, friends and family’s worry grows

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- It's been more than a week since police found a missing Overland Park man's car, but as of Monday night there's still no sign of the young hospital employee. The mysterious disappearance of 26-year-old Matthew Johnson has family and friends worried because they say Johnson just vanished after hanging out with friends on a party bus.

As they've conducted searches of their own for more than a week, family members and friends have asked an agonizing question: where is Matthew Johnson.

"It's rough, but we're just very hopeful and open that he does come back home to us," his brother Joshua Johnson said.

"Very worried. It's no coping. I've barely been to sleep, barely eating anything," best friend Larry Keys said.

Keys says on the night of June 17th, he, Matthew Johnson and several others were on a party bus celebrating a friend's birthday. He says he last saw his best friend when the bus later returned to a Sun Fresh parking lot near Interstate 70 and 18th Street in KCK.

"Everything was fine on the party bus," Keys said.

But, the missing man never made it to his mom's house in KCK. Joshua Johnson says he first went to the Sun Fresh looking for his brother.

"Approximately 3:40 he called me to come pick him up, and I asked him where he was and he couldn't really tell me where," he said.

He adds that Matthew then sent him a video on Facebook Messenger from his cell phone, and told him that he was by a "mailbox" at Nearman Drive and Dickson Road.

"He sent a last text message at 5:12 saying he was along railroad tracks, so we kind of walked up and down the railroad tracks and we couldn't find him," Joshua Johnson said.

Police recovered Matthew Johnson's black, 2010 Chevrolet Malibu about a mile-and-a-half away near 59th and Sewell. Police say it had a banged up front bumper, a blown, front, right tire and side damage. Investigators believe after he apparently hit the mailbox, he got out of his car and tried to walk for help or make it to his mom's house several miles away.

"We personally saw him at 4:50 on the video, so he looked fine like he wasn't injured from it," his brother said.

Police flew over the wooded areas with a helicopter, a drone, talked to neighbors and canvassed the area where the missing man's cell phone pinged, but so far, no sign of the respiratory therapist, who works at North Kansas City Hospital, his wallet or his cell phone.

"This right here actually is his outfit that he had on that night. Just continue to pray for us. Hopefully, we're able to find him," Joshua Johnson said.

Family and friends say on Tuesday they're going back to those areas to pass out more fliers.  Police are asking anyone who knows of Matthew Johnson's whereabouts to call the KCK Police Department.

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