Mayor and police to hold public meet-and-greet to discuss safety near Indian Creek Trail

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Wednesday night the interim police chief, mayor and other law enforcement are walking door-to-door in a south Kansas City neighborhood to reassure residents of their safety near Indian Creek Trail.

At 6 p.m. Wednesday, you can meet with police at Evangel Church on E. 103rd Street. It's the first of three meet-and-greets in the Kansas City area. Others will happen in east Kansas City, and in Kansas City North.

Mike Darby

The southside gathering comes as police on Wednesday released video of a person walking along Indian Creek Trail with a backpack. The surveillance video comes from the same morning someone found the body of businessman Mike Darby along the trail.

If police can figure out who killed Darby, in this area of Indian Creek Trail, they might be able to solve three other murders that have happened along the same trail network.

FOX 4's Shannon O'Brien spoke to Mike Lenox, whose father is one of the four Indian Creek victims, about this potential break in the case.

Mike Lenox, son of David Lenox

"It's really the last gift we can give our dad is whoever did this, we need to get him off the street and bring him to justice," Mike Lenox said.

It is the gift he has been waiting over four months to give his father David, who was murdered outside of the Willow Creek Apartments along Indian Creek Trail. From where his father was gunned down, you can see the spot where Mike Darby was killed a few months later.

"I don't know if they are related. It is extremely unusual to have a couple murders that close with a couple of guys the same age walking their dogs, and so it is a complete tragedy. It is completely senseless in both cases," Mike Lenox said.

KCPD believes there may be a link to four recent murders along the trail, which began when 55-year-old John Palmer was killed in August of 2016.

David Lenox

Mike's dad David Lenox was 67 when he was killed in February, and two months later 57-year-old Timothy Rice was shot along the trail. 61-year-old Mike Darby is the last man killed in May.

"The police have evidence gathered and it is just a matter -- they are waiting for a break and if they could get a break, it could be a little small piece of information, but someone might have that information," Mike Lenox explained.

Kansas City police believe the person in that video may hold the key.

It is a grainy video of someone walking down Indian Creek Trail wearing a backpack around the same place and time Mike Darby was killed. Lenox believes it could be the break police are waiting for.

"I would suspect if you know that person, you can recognize that walk, and somebody out there does know this person," he said.

Police do not call this person is not a suspect in Darby's murder, but think maybe they can help.

Mike Lenox hopes any information could potentially lead to justice for his dad too.

"And so not having that is really painful, but also with this added aspect of someone murdered your dad for absolutely no reason whatsoever, just to think that that person or persons is on the street right now, it's heartbreaking," he said.

There is a $12,000 reward for information leading the the arrest and conviction of David Lenox's killer, and the Darby family has upped the reward to $5,000 for Mike Darby's killer.