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Metro woman thankful to be alive after concrete falling from bridge crashes through windshield on 169

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro woman says she feels lucky to be alive after pieces of concrete from a Kansas City bridge came flying through her windshield over the weekend. Police said the frightening incident happened after a large truck ran into a column under the bridge near 169 Highway and Barry Road.

“Oh my God my car has exploded,” Patricia Hildebrand said. She told FOX 4 that was the first thought that went through her mind.

Police said chunks of concrete fell from the bridge and caused damage to three cars. Patricia said the concrete came flying through her windshield and landed on her chest. Tuesday, she is still bruised up from the accident.

“Everybody at the hospital [said], 'oh my God you are lucky to be alive, oh my God if that would have hit you in the face you may not even be here,'” she told FOX 4.

Hildebrand said she kept the piece of concrete and brought it in the ambulance with her and took it to the hospital. She said it reminds her how lucky she is to be alive.

“I think I’ve got that because I want to remember I am here,” she said.

She said she is going to write the date of the accident on it.

The accident caused the bridge to be shut down for several hours so Missouri Department of Transportation crews could inspect it. MoDOT said the bridge is currently safe to drive on, but staff will come back out on Wednesday morning to finish repairs. One lane will be closed.

Police said nobody else was hurt in the accident and the driver of the truck was not cited.