Oak Grove hobbyist reunites lucky people with treasured lost rings

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OAK GROVE, Mo. -- An Oak Grove man has developed quite a knack for reunited people with their long-lost property. Not once, but twice, he’s been able to surprise people with class rings they thought they’d never see again.

Richard Acuff is able to do it thanks to a hobby, that keeps him gazing at the ground. He’s an arborist by day, but in his spare time Acuff is somewhat of a treasure hunter. With his metal detector in hand, he’s found rare coins dating back to the 1800’s, buttons off of Civil War uniforms, and much, much more.

Recently he’s been able to find something that two lucky people thought they’d never see again.

“It’s really cool to find something that someone had lost with an engraving on it or inscription, you know, of their name, and to be able to look them up and reunite them with it,” said Acuff.

Graduates now have their rings back, after Acuff simply stumbled upon them. It started last August when Acuff found a ring belonging to “Scooter”.

“The owner of it lived in Indiana, gave it to a girl in Pennsylvania and how it got in Oak Grove, we don’t know,” said Acuff.

Then came a $500 class ring that was Richard was able to reunite with it’s owner “Todd”.

“He went to Oak Grove High School in 2002. Found him on Facebook as well. He described it to us as well and how he lost it. He lost it during a snowball fight. He only had it for a day,” said Acuff.

With two reunions under his belt, can he do it again?

Richard’s latest project is part of a gold 1955 class ring. The hard work of each reunion comes with a story, and sometimes a history lesson, but more importantly Acuff helps people rekindle the joy of gifts once thought to be lost forever.

“Extremely surprised, you know, as I would be too. Something that has been written off as lost forever, and some guy out of the blue calls you and tells you he found it. You know, they`re pretty excited,” said Acuff.

He posts some of his finds on the Facebook page “Richards Relic Recovery Group”.