National Weather Service serves warning as gusty winds create dangerous conditions for fireworks

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- On Wednesday the National Weather Service issued a warning for fireworks customers about high winds. Wind gusts topped 35 miles per hour and could be even higher Thursday near storms.

At Independence Fireworks along the Boulevard in Kansas City Kansas, they were busy preparing for Thursday's grand opening.

“I think I have 20 people on my crew running registers, stocking fireworks, setting up tables, to setting up lights," Matt Hicks said.

He spent part of the day making sure the giant tent would be secure against high winds.

“I got a blister today I took out a sledgehammer and made sure all the stakes were in," he explained.

FOX 4 Meteorologist Mike Thompson says fireworks tents aren’t the only concern.

“It’s going to stay pretty windy tonight and pretty breezy tomorrow as well. Of course in situations where we haven’t had rain in a while the grass is looking a little bit dry, obviously a fire could get out of control pretty quickly fanned by the winds," Thompson said.

That’s why Hicks says if you are setting fireworks off you need to look at safety warnings on the box. They show how high the fireworks are supposed to go, and how far you have to stay away from buildings or anything flammable.

“Your cakes, your 200g and 500, they are going to go anywhere from 60-100 feet and if they catch some winds they might go farther. You want to be 50 feet away from a building, but you might double that just to be safe," Hicks said.

Always have an approved fire extinguisher and an available water supply to douse sparks or flames. Wet the area around where fireworks are being discharged. A responsible adult should supervise all firework activities.

Check your local laws, fireworks may be illegal all together or not allowed until closer to the 4th of July holiday.