USDA finds that Kansas City Zoo’s chimp exhibit is compliant with animal welfare act

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Zoo was not at fault in a chmpanzee's death that happened on June 21. The United States Department of Agriculture completed its review of the chimpanzee exhibit after the death of "Bahati."

The zoo says Bahati was involved in a fight with other chimps in the exhibit.

Zoological Operations Senior Director Sean Putney previously told FOX 4 that chimps fight from time to time to establish dominance, but that morning's aggression level was unexpected. He said the group of 12 chimpanzees had been together since February and get along well, with the exception of the expected, natural skirmishes.

Zoo staff said that Bahati climbed a tree, fell and later died.

The USDA's report concluded that the zoo's chimp program is compliant with the animal welfare act.