Fire inspectors looking for potential dangers at metro fireworks stands

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- "We want everybody to be safe and have a good time and keep all their fingers and toes."

Celebrating family, fun, and the 4th of July with a bang.

FOX 4's Marcus Officer spoke with authorities to show us why inspectors are keeping an eye on dozens of businesses selling fireworks there.

Sparklers, smoke bombs, and fireworks. They're part of every 4th of July celebration.

In Kansas City, Kan., inspectors are going stand to stand to make sure what you buy won't put your family at risk.

"Prohibited fireworks are bottlerockets, skyrockets, missile type rockets," said Kelli Littlefield with the KCK Fire Department.

Each metro city has its own rules and regulations when it comes to fireworks, and what you can or can't shoot off. It can be confusing.

That's why in KCK, fire inspectors are doing what they can to make sure the fireworks you buy are legal.

"A lot of our stands are run by volunteer groups and they don't understand the regulations in ordinances. We go out to several times a day to make sure everything is good."

Inspectors drop in and out of tents and businesses selling fireworks several times a day. They're looking for anything that could put you and your family at risk.

Even something as common as sparklers.

"Lots and lots of sparklers tend to be an enticement for younger people to make sparkler bombs," Littlefield said. "And we don't want that."

But inspectors say they are also keep an eye out for those who are knowingly breaking the law.

"People selling to kids under age. We're looking for product that may be brought in after our inspection that's prohibited."

They say the easiest thing to do to make sure no one is injured on your watch is to know what you've got.

"Understand what it is you're shooting and understand what it does. What's it intended to do? Is it gonna go up in the air? Is it gonna spin on the ground?" Littlefield explained.

And keep an eye on the little ones around you to make sure they are also safe.

Rain is in the forecast for the 4th of July, but there could also be wind. Keep an eye on your fireworks so they don't quickly get out of control.

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