Good Samaritans face gunfire in stopping attempted car theft

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Ryan Lohman said he was in the right place at the wrong time after he and a friend were shot at while attempting to stop three would-be burglars from taking his neighbor's car.

"Honestly I couldn’t believe somebody was stupid enough to try to steal something while we were up watching the fight." Lohman said. "They slowly went down the road. We had to walk quite a ways. We saw them stop at the car up there and they were getting in it so we started running up there, yelling. They took off. We just wanted a license plate number."

Lohman said he and a friend jumped into their truck and followed the suspects for several blocks. To Lohman's surprise, the suspects tried to come back to the house and steal the car a second time.

"That’s when they started shooting my truck up," he said.

Lohman said the suspects fired at least five or six shots at his truck damaging his windshield and door.

"I heard the guns fire but I thought it was fireworks. I just went to bed because I was exhausted but my neighbor came and knocked on the door but I didn’t realize it was him," Wendy Schaffer, the owner of the car the suspects attempted to steal, said.

Schaffer said her mother-in-law gave the car to her husband before passing away. She said the suspects wouldn't have gotten very far if they had taken it because the car didn't run that well in the first place.

"That’s the most shocking part. These things don’t happen in Shawnee. I’m just utterly stunned," Schaffer said.

While grateful for her neighbor's help, Schaffer is just glad nobody was hurt.

"I think it’s crazy. Very appreciative but I don’t want anybody getting hurt over a car," she said.

And so is Lohman.

"I don’t care about (my) truck. We ain’t got holes in us so I’m happy." He said, "I’d like to think they’d do the same thing, honestly. I think we all would. I really do."

Shawnee Police are still searching for the three suspects. They were last scene driving a stolen Honda Civic. Anyone with information about the suspects should call Shawnee Police.

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