Are political fireworks in DC affecting your patriotism?

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LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- Fireworks are going on all over the metro to celebrate the Independence Day holiday, but have the fireworks in Washington affected your patriotism this year?

A recent NPR/Marist poll found 70 percent of Americans say civility in Washington has gotten worse since the last election. Less than 30 percent say they trust Congress or the media. More than 60 percent don’t trust the Presidential Administration.

People asked about the poll at Lee's Summit's Legacy Blast said opinions on politics shouldn’t affect anyone’s patriotism.

“I don’t think love for country has to be political but unfortunately nowadays it’s becoming more and more political. It’s becoming less and less popular among certain groups of people to celebrate our country and celebrate America," Josh Baldwin said.

“It’s not just who’s representing us as a country it’s also the people, celebrate each other, if you don’t celebrate the politicians celebrate each other," Tara Rowe said.

The same poll also found more than 60 percent of people surveyed don't trust public opinion polls.

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